FACTSHEET | March 5, 2018

Dixieland Band

Dixieland Jazz

The United States Army Europe Dixieland Band not only provides high quality musical entertainment, but also shares a huge piece of American culture. This group consists of 5 talented wind instrumentalists and one energizing drummer which performs exciting and up-beat tunes from a special time in American history.

In the early 20th century, The United States was a melting pot of people from many different cultures and ethnicities, especially in the City of New Orleans. This mixture of various cultures created two of the most exciting forms of entertainment: Jazz and Blues music! The Dixieland Band masterfully encapsulates these musical styles and can take you back to the earliest days of Jazz and Blues. Take a walk down Bourbon Street in New Orleans, experience the celebration of life through a “second-line” tune, feel the soul of the Blues. The Dixieland Band is more than just musical entertainment, it is a living, breathing, symbol of American culture and History.

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