The Soldiers’ Chorus is currently seeking vocalists.

If you are a singer in the U.S. Army stationed in Europe, this is your chance to live your dream. As a vocalist with The U.S. Army Soldiers’ Chorus, you will perform all over Europe as a part of the Army’s only vocal group outside the United States.

The Audition Process

Initial Screening – Prior to scheduling an in-person audition, candidates need to send a video recording of themselves in uniform singing the National Anthem of the United States and a song of your choice.

In Person Audition – Candidates who pass the initial screening will be contacted to schedule an in person audition. This will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and for you to tour our facility. It is imperative that candidates have the approval of their Chain of Command before attending an in-person audition.

30-Day Attachment – After the in person audition, successful candidates will be invited for a 30 day attachment. This attachment will test your ability to receive constructive criticism, adapt to a new environment, and learn at a rapid pace.

Get Started Now

To begin the assessment process, please email us by clicking here Email the US Army Europe Band and Chorus or send a Facebook message to the United States Army Europe Band and Chorus.