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US Army at Household Division's Beating Retreat

By SGT Jesse Welborn | United States Army Europe Band | June 12, 2018

LONDON, United Kingdom —

The United States Army Europe's  traveled to London to participate in Her Majesty's Household Division's annual Beating Retreat ceremony. The 2018 ceremony also featured representatives from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

The Beating Retreat ceremony originated in the 16th century as a signal to tell soldiers to withdraw from fighting as darkness fell. Over time "Retreat" has come to signal the end of a work day and the retirement of the colors. On U.S. installations we also use bugle calls for "Retreat" and "To the Color" to mark the end of duty for the day. 

Once a year, Her Majesty's Household Division puts on a spectacular show to challenge each Senior Musical Director in the division to continue innovation while maintaining tradition. Joining our British Comrades in Arms in this event serves to highlight our shared military heritage, and accomplish the unit's mission of building partnered and allied relationships.

While in London, the Dixieland Band also performed for the U.S. Embassy in London's Army Birthday celebration. Each embassy hosts a contingent of troops, and it was an honor for the Dixieland Band to brighten the London Embassy's spirits on our Army's 243rd birthday.